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What's Kickin (28 Mar 2021)

Chronicles of the Immortal Swordsman

Phil Du feels a yearning in his heart for something so awe-inspiring and indescribable that it overwhelms him. But his life is filled with struggle. While he bides his time with parkour, and as Ironpond, his alter-ego in a virtual fantasy game, he is beginning to have visions of strange things -- like immortality.

This is the second campaign from Immortal Studios and it looks to be just as fantastic as the first (The Adept which was co-written by Charlie Stickney of White Ash). Swords and magic are always a good time and this book looks like it's delivering both in spades. It is absolutely gorgeous. This is not a reimagining, but rather, a contemporary take on the classic Wuxia novel by Shiao Yi. The setting is updated and the story logs are smack in the middle of our modern world. There are secrets to be uncovered and a world that needs protecting!

As I stated, this thing looks gorgeous and if it's half as good as the Adept is then we're all in for a treat. There's prints, a variant, and more than one way to get ahold of the Adept as well.


A tale of Love, Loyalty......and Cannibalism. The Stanleys are an ordinary family with an extraordinary appetite, for human flesh. Hunting, butchering, eating. They've been this way for as long as they can remember. Longer, even. But this way of life is never without consequence, and a reckoning is coming.

The team consists of two of the folks behind the wonderful Cognition. Add that to a delightfully unsettling horror premise and I'm on board. Toss in a vengeful ghost and we've got the makings of a book that looks like it'll come across like many of the Saturday Night scare features I grew up on. I'm here for all of that. Also, it clocks in at 32 pages which is damn good for an indy offering single issue.

You can nab a variant, a black and white version, a sketchbook and even a t-shirt. There's plenty on offer if you can stomach it.

The Plague and Dr Caim

The Plague and Doctor Caim follows the life of a 17th-century plague doctor: an Everyman with a beak. Doctor Caim is hired by a village to treat both the rich and the poor. The doctor readily accepts the position, but goes about the work with much trial and error. Doctor Caim encounters patients from all walks of life, experimenting with treatments while monitoring his own health and watching the stars for omens...

We love this book. When it was previously going through Unbound we were lucky enough to cover it. You can check that out HERE. Now with the brand new Cast Iron Books this project is finally going to get into our hands. Full of informational dark humor and a fitting art style you'll be glad you checked this out.

There's art prints, a pin, a bookplate and a package to get all the goods!


Calvin Jones plays a lot of video games. His dad, Victor, is a busy police officer on the New Kingsdale force. Calvin’s mom died two years ago. Instead of talking about their pain, the two lose themselves in play and work. The latest release of Lionheart 3: Revenge of Doctor Maelstrom sees Calvin and his friends, Russ and Dan, skipping school to play. During a heated discussion about whose turn it is, something goes wrong and the villain, Doctor Maelstrom, blows out of the game and into Calvin’s basement. Now, they must find a way to return Maelstrom to the game world, but the game keeps crashing, and Victor is concerned about this new terror on the streets of Kingsdale.

This is pretty much the perfect combo. A comic about video games coming to life? All sorts of nerd fantasy happening! You're getting top notch art and a story that mixes several elements from fan favorite shows.

It has a low cost entry point, a knock out variant, and even an opportunity to get a DnD game with the creator!

The Preserve

What if hunting became the biggest sport and television event in the world? In a world where most animals have been hunted to extinction, technology now allows people to create whatever monster they want for their bloody entertainment. Hunters from all over the world rise to the challenge to earn a spot in the world finals of The Preserve! For the former champion, Winston Abara, and his artist, Rachel Lin, their journey to victory will for more than glory and riches, but the chance to save their home. Yet the primal allure of the game is powerful, and despite going against Winston's belief in the natural order of life, will he succumb to the evil influence of...The Preserve."

Social commentary through a lens most people won't tackle. The best comics are smart comics and this one is brimming with intelligence. Exploitation of sport and people takes center focus in this action packed book.

Prints and the ability to have your own monster designed as they are in the book is quite enticing.

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