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What's Kickin? 21 MAR 2021

Hey Hey comic kiddos, we're back with another What's Kickin?! This time around we've selected five more projects we really like (including our new featured project) and think that you will too. HEADS UP: act quick on Glarian ...

Charlie Stickney Romina Moranelli Fin Cramb Conor Hughes

GLARIAN follows the stories of two women and the different paths they take to overcome life-altering tragedies. Jumping from the elf realm of ancient Alfheim to the gritty streets of New York City circa 1971, two seemingly-unrelated tales will slowly weave together to reveal a critical piece of White Ash's complicated past. Oh, and because Glarien is involved, expect carnage... lots and LOTS of carnage. For those readers coming from White Ash, we do want to reiterate, Glarien is a more MATURE book. White Ash follows Aleck and Lillian, two PG-13 characters in an R-rated world. Glarien is an R-Rated character... in an R-rated world. And as such, to appropriately tell that story, there are themes that are intrinsic to her character that need to be explored.

The White Ash team LOADS their Kickstarters with all sorts of goodies like variant covers, catch up tiers, prints, and this time around a subway coin!

John Jack Peter Paul Smith

Winston Gambrao

WYHYR explores the lives of four people when they are forced to answer the question, what do you do when they're after you? In issue 1 an average man is forced to flee for his life when he finds himself suddenly in the crosshairs of nearly everybody he meets. When You're Hunted You Run #1 is full of twists and turns that will keep you guessing till the end. The campaign is straight forward and allows you to get either of the two covers (separate, together, separate and signed, together and signed), commissions, and original art!

TURNING ROADS is a collection of comics retelling old stories out of Irish folklore and mythology. Comprised of work by over thirty creators, Turning Roads addresses familiar tales through new points of view, utilizing science fiction, fantasy and magical realism to bring oral tradition and collected tales of mystery and woe into modern and future versions of Ireland. 18 teams of creators presenting over 70 pages of comics to showcase Irish and international comic talent!

Plenty of extra goodies in this one including stickers, a Celtic knot pin, prints, and a zine!

Grant DeArmitt

Lane Lloyd

HFTS is a bit of an answer to 'What if Jack Kirby created Dracula?' Like a vampire needs blood, so the ancient evil known as the Solavore needs the energy of a sun. Absent for centuries from the far-off galaxy of the Morrigen people, the Solavore had disappeared into the realm of myth. But now, with one of their solar systems facing a cosmic loss, the Morrigen are learning that the Solavore is not only real... but hungry. For years, the Galactic Kingdom of the Morrigen had been protected by its latest ruler, the brave and brilliant KING THEOSIS. Committed to the freedom and safety of his people, King Theosis has lead the Morrigen through decades of darkness, striving toward a future of progress and peace. But after so many battles, Theosis's beard has gone white; the grip on his sword has grown weaker. And after a devastating personal loss, Theosis must summon a strength he's never known to defeat the worst threat the Morrigen have ever seen.

A bevy of stuff on offer to include Lane's other work (God Puncher), different commission levels, get a character named after you, and even a 'get it all' package!


Jarred Lujan

Julio Suarez

Rocco Langg

Gabriela Downie

TWIN BLADES There have been four previous suns over four previous earths...each one born of the gods' sacrifice and each destroyed by the gods' conflicts.

When the gods came together to create the Fifth Sun, the Soul Guide of the Dead, Xolotl, refused to perform his own sacrificial rite. Jaded after millenia of destruction and death, Xolotl hid away and watched his family sacrifice themselves in the name of hope for life beyond themselves. Xolotl, alone and ashamed, became racked with guilt, causing him to weep so intensely that his eyes fell from his head and descended to the center of the newly forged universe: the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan. Seeing an opportunity to redeem himself, to honor the sacrifice of his family, Xolotl guided the Aztecs to forge two macahuitl, imbued with a piece of his own godhood. The Left and Right Eye of Xolotl, entrusted to twin siblings to wield together in defense of the Fifth Sun, became known as ... TheTwinBlades.

It doesn't get any more blunt than this. Get it on digits, get it in your hands, or get the retailer tier. The book is the point here folks.

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