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What’s in the Box?

VAULT COMICS Wasted Space, Friendo, These Savage Shores, Fearscape, Heathen, Maxwell’s Demons, Fissure (the entirety of Vault’s line is on my pull list)

ARCHIE COMICS Jughead: The Hunger, Blossom: 666 *Jughead VS Vamperonica is pre-ordered

ONI Shadow Roads AFTERSHOCK Dark Ark, Hot Lunch Special, A Walk Through Hell BOOM Bone Parish, The Empty Man, Black Badge DARK HORSE Death Orb *Black Hammer ’45 is pre-ordered IMAGE Criminal, DIE, Evolution, Death or Glory, Infinite Dark,The Freeze, Cold Spots* (there’s more to the story for Cold Spots but for now it is done)

DC Young Justice MARVEL Amazing/Superior/Spectacular/Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman, Immortal Hulk, Conan, X-Force, Asgardians of the Galaxy, Guardians of the Galaxy, Invaders *Savage Sword of Conan is pre-ordered

SCOUT *Metal Shark Bro is pre-ordered

IDW *Transformers is pre-ordered

DYNAMITE *Red Sonja is pre-ordered Publisher Count: 11 Title Count: 36 active 6 pre-ordered Most Titles by Creator: 6 – Cullen Bunn Big 2 Count: 11 active (7 without Spidey books) 1 pre-ordered Indie Count: 25 active 5 pre-ordered

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