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Wasted Space #6 – Advance Review

Michael Moreci – Hayden Sherman – Jason Wordie – Jim Campbell


The return of the EPIC SPACE SAGA has here with issue six of the NOW ONGOING monster hit! Our rag tag crew and overall collection of wtf rides right into the spaceport rolling along where they left off … which is pretty much right smack in the middle of a shit storm. That’s part of the charm and will end up being an endearing facet of this book as it ages, the ever present shit storm. Through the hi-jinks and coming to terms with the piss of it all, surely going after God himself (the creator) can’t be a bad idea!

The return issue wastes not time in showing how expansive things are and just how large the ideology of this book actually is. Page 1, panel 3. Legion is merely speaking but states something that will probably not be caught or just read “in context” rather than taken for the revelation that it is. At least, for me, what he says brings to light so much of what came in the first arc. It also explains, indirectly, some of the inner workings of our cast. A cast that has officially grown by one, if you recall. This script flipping was a very tricky pull but it works in wondrous fashion. It’s not that we don’t have the swashbuckling sci-fi, two different sock wearing shenanigans because we absolutely still do. What’s happened with this issue though, is that the marianas trench depth of our story has started to unfold.

It was hard to place just what it was that was drawing me into things with the first five issues. I was already a fan of Moreci and every book I see Sherman on his art just grabs me more and more. The palettes and striking usage of colors from Wordie were enhancing something I could put my finger on. Campbell’s smooth lettering just made it all the easier to continue down the rabbit hole despite not being able to quite figure it out. Well, that has all started to rectify with our revelation at the start of the book and the continued dive into story telling that we get to kick off the ongoing saga. Do yourself a favor and do what I did. Go back and read the first five issues and pay attention more closely. The allusions are there and now some literal words are honing their edges.

Fret not though Wasted Legion! There are still PLENTY of the absolute bonkers spacestravaganza you fell in love with in the first place. We’ve now just got a much more layered book with a heavier toned narrative pushing it. That doesn’t take away from the fuq-bot love, only in comics places we go, and over the top characters. Don’t you dare be put off by the fact that this is all of that AND a damn good piece of literating (I might have just made that up). The peeling back and exposing of plot lines has pushed this book even further into the stratosphere for me. Every now and then you get a creative team that can keep adding elements and manage to continue to make the overall product better. We’ve got that here folks.

There exists a rather well known and classic space epic that touched on the facets of religion, politics, and the human/life condition. It’s had movies made and has currently encountered a renaissance. Where this bygone epic has fallen, for me, is how it has tried to force what comes next and aim how certain aspects come across. Originally it was a grand idea that was reared back and let fly. It told a story but even more so invited everyone in to grab hold and make it something for themselves. This is exactly what Wasted Space is doing as it enters into the ongoing series territory. It has its story to tell and its certainties that have to be. But like that classic space epic did originally it isn’t trying to hard. It’s funny but not comedic, tragic but not desperate, heavy but not drowning, and telling but not preachy. It hits on all cylinders while asking you which turn to take next.

Wasted Space Issue #6 reaches out an inviting hand to new readers. Take it, hop on board, and get @@#$&%$ Wasted.

The epic space SAGA that is better than lands on shelves FEB 6th!


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