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Wasted Space #10

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WASTED SPACE #10 W: Michael Moreci A: Hayden Sherman C: Jason Wordie L: Jim Campbell P: Vault Comics

Oooooooohhh Biilllllyyyyyy Pretty much that’s where we’re at with our mess of a vessel for the best hope of universal salvation. Yes, a Jim Carey riff on an in prison Matthew Brodrick from Cable Guy pretty much sums it up. Things are so shit that we’re stuck with the jackass that got us here as our only hope. Thanks Billy. Issue #10 of Wasted Space closes out the second arc of the absolute monster hit series. It’s hard to follow up on a stellar debut, as this book had, but the team on Wasted Space has upped the ante and then some with this second arc. The walls though, will they come tumbling … tumbling down? Either way it’s all Billy’s fault thanks to his seat of his pants approach to everything and everyone.

For me, the crux (and genius of the story) of things is that Billy sucks. No, really … he sucks. He’s the asshole that caused the problems, the asshole that has to fix them, the jerk that somehow seems to not take it seriously, and the hypocrite that has his right hand doing what he’s mouthing off against with his left hand. On top of that he’s not carrying his own damn baggage (literally/emotionally/anytype-ly). For some reason though (even if not on the surface) things line up and work out for him. So what’s the freaking point anyway then? That’s something that Wasted Space has been exploring and manages to dive even deeper into with this second arc coming to a close. With last issue’s ending I was greatly anticipating how this little ditty would close out. As with the first salvo, this book goes places I’d not imagine it too.

As much as this book has high brow concepts and philosophies running through it, it also conveys raw base level emotional compulsions with the same ferocity. At this point I feel pretty damn sorry for Dust and Molly being dragged through Billy’s spiritual, emotional, and physical (not literal) shit. Again, to what point? Well we get opened up to a much larger expanse here in issue #10. There is always something looming … something hovering over the top of all that is happening. Each light bulb that goes off when reading this book only illuminates a much deeper layer that plays a part in the cosmic, and personal conflict going on. It doesn’t hurt that it continues to seem more and more inevitable that we’re going to get a rather big beat down of GOD? like proportions. Fact is though … I’ve got no clue what’s coming and that is amazing. To grab an audience, create connection, and still keep the big picture fuzzy enough to drive the wonder of what it all means? Yes, this is a master work. It is clear with this issue that the book has plenty left to explore (and it does as it is now guaranteed 25 issues). For me, I’m wondering if the cosmic mess is the existential crisis inside of Billy being played out on the “big stage” …. Oh, and uh: LEGION IS BACK !!!! Sorry, just had to express that as it makes me insanely happy.

Hop on and end this second arc with a bang THIS NCBD MAY 29!!!


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