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Wailing Blade #2

Story – Rich Douek Art – Joe Mulvey Colors – Chris Sotomayor Letters – Taylor Esposito

Issue #1 (Review – Q/A with Rich Douek during original KS campaign)

ComixTribe’s brutal tale of kick ass is back! Yes, there’s more 80’s style over the top action. Yes, the Headhunter is a bad mo’fo. That razor thin margin of living I’d mentioned before? Well, it seems that jumping to action has created a situation that illustrates just how razor thin that margin is. Ambush the Headtaker he said. It’ll be fun he said. Yeah whoops. What, on paper, was a shoddy plan at best has flipped on Tychon and the Windcleavers. It matters not the arrows they fill his body with. The slashes from their sharp edges cut but appear to do no real damage. As the title implies, the Blade wails. It certainly does in issue two in a BIG way. On a couple of fronts we get lessons in being over confidant. Our Windcleavers learn a harsh lesson but they aren’t the only ones. For those following Tyrant there are lessons to be learned as well. As I mentioned in the write up for the first issue, there’s more to just the big ass blade and the ass kicking. In this follow up to the debut issue we see parts of the larger story come into the fold. We are also shown glimpses into the background of our characters as well as the larger world they reside in. The Wailing Blade world is large. The Headtaker is a big piece of it yes, but just wait till you see the last couple of panels. There’s another coming and the Blade isn’t the only thing to fear.

Ultimately this issue is about casting the die for where the players need to go, what they need to do, and how they’ve got to do it. Sometimes a situation calls for drastic actions and the one facing the Windcleavers calls for actions as ballsy as can be. There’s no time to waste with each second being one closer to their king losing his head. It’s probably about as bad as they can think it can get when they’re forced to listen to and take advice from one of their enemies. Ordz, where they’re going, is a different animal than what they’re used to. As outliers of high society the Windcleavers can’t just put on a new robe and waltz into town. Even with an elaborate guise they’ll likely be discovered. So swallowing the pill of taking advice from Clytus, a bumbling big mouthed servant of the Tyrant can’t sit well. To save the king they’ll have to do what it takes though.

With all of that said … the signal, and the last panel … they might need a bigger blade.



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