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View From The Den – GOD PUNCHER (Lane Lloyd)

You can find Lane Lloyd on Twitter: @lanedoescomics

I’ve had the pleasure of “meeting” Lane through my interactions over Twitter. There’s been both comic and life discourse in our interactions and I honestly have enjoyed the fact I’ve met him. This book is a challenge he set for himself to put his creative abilities to the test. He should feel good about the results.

His art style is certainly raw but that doesn’t mean poor. It seems that the pictures come straight from his thoughts and how he’s forming them there as opposed to forming them on the page in order to fit what he’s thinking. It’s more of a flow. For me it fits the very raw and base feeling that many have in regards to life and our placement in it. The aptly titled GOD PUNCHER is a very raw description of this underlying thought of facing our creator(s) and taking them on. Man is prideful, if nothing else, and has this indescribable urge to understand. It is quite clear that we weren’t meant to understand it all, regardless of what you’ve chosen as your belief system. The very point blank exploration here is of a man that has been given the gift of one on one battle. He can fight, and fight well. He himself has grown to a legend of sorts and has, in the minds of the people, grown God like.

A classic hubris fault of all depicted Gods, our man sees a God come down to challenge the assertion the people have made. This collides directly with a classic hubris fault of Man. Despite his clear place in the pecking order he quite literally places one across the chin of a God. Ultimately the “bout” ends in the only “real” way possible. Both God and Man have endured humiliation. The God is pushed well beyond what anyone could imagine and the Man ends up reaping what he’s sown by standing toe to toe with him.

But is that it? The simple form of it, Man vs God, is either played out as a grandiose triumph for man in one way or another OR a straight bitch slap reminder of man’s place in the order. Lane gives Man his moment and the God does the bitch slapping … but all is not as it seems. The confrontation in of itself isn’t the culmination of the journey, but rather, the start. Battered and torn, our Man faces an all new purpose and if he’s got any hope of redemption he’s got a pretty big fix to make.

The story, as I stated, is a very raw interpretation and approach to a grand concept. Both sides of the concept are given a bit of a run and the tale is set up for a much bigger adventure. I’m glad this was shared with me.

Thank you Lane.

I recommend you check him out and check out God Puncher.

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