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To close out 2018 we’d like to list our “top comics” of the year. This has been a fantastic year for the comic community in terms of the breadth and depth of the books coming out. The last quarter of the year exploded with prime examples of this. There are a few books that would have made this list MUCH MUCH harder to dwindle to 10 if they’d have come out earlier in the year. I’ve even got one in that section that was majorily a 2017 book but did have 4 issues this year to conclude the series.

First up is the “I wish there was more but holy hell are these fantabulous already” section (to include that one that ended this year). The White Noise 4 Horsemen (Dan Watters, Ryan O’Sullivan, Alex Paknadel and Ram V) have put out absolutely stellar books for Vault Comics that are pushing the boundaries, and rewriting some, of the comic book medium. Fearscape, Friendo, and These Savage Shores have shot out of the gate and blown our collective minds. Fearscape (O’Sullivan) flexes the literary muscle and manages to make a comic book feel like so much more. The power in its prose is unrelenting and oh by the way we’ve got one hell of a story on our hands. Friendo (Paknadel) isn’t to be out done though. This is the horrific tale of the all too real barrel we’re staring down and how we lose ourselves before the trigger is even pulled. We literally sell ourselves, souls and any shred of who we are for the next shiny thing. This one’s scary because it’s true. Of course These Savage Shores (Ram V) brings the traditional horror characters but a completely unconventional script to lay them out. Right as you get the feeling you know what’s going on you’re shown that the horrors have horrors greater then them. Vault isn’t the only one having fun however. Infinite Dark is showing off Ryan Cady’s writing prowess with a tale of dread and woe. Hopelessness and dread fill the minds of everyone at times and what could be more hopeless or dreadful than being on a “malfunctioning” space arc holding the last remnants of the human race after the heat death of the universe … YEAH. This one is fantabulous, dark and full of icky that makes you want more. Keeping in vein of that icky but wanting more, Hot Lunch Special from Eliot Rahal has its icky in an outlet much closer to home. We all know that small town with big secrets. Here we’re being given a big time mafioso war playing out through a family tale. The heart chords he’s plucking are very clearly personal. It makes for damn fine reading. Damn fine reading is exactly what Saladin Ahmed gave us with Black Bolt. The tale of the ‘Midnight’ King wrapped up this year and it was one of the best ever expositions of a character. We got a bare bones stripped down to the core story of one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe. For all his power he’s never been more powerful than he was in these 12 issues. The thought and care put into this story was superb.

So now we head over to what we feel are the TOP COMICS of 2018!

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Long Lost Matthew Erman – Lisa Sterle There’s truth in “you can never go home again” and with Long Lost we get an absolute brilliantly laid out dreadful reckoning of two sisters that make the attempt to do so. People change, places change and so does everything else. When you hear “it’s worth it” this is a book that is absolutely that, worth it. A slow burn but only because there are layers of metaphors and symbolism that are peeled back to make the payoff that much more impactful. It is all but wrapped up and the ending to this book will be tragic in several meanings of the word … but in the best possible way. This is easily the sleeper hit of the comic year.

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