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These Savage Shores #3

Pretty sure I’ve run out of words to gush about this book. I’m going to go ahead and try anyway though. I don’t know when to quit. Expanding on the already rich history from which the setting of TSS borrows from, issue 3 finally thrusts Bishan into the spotlight. A legend of sorts the vampire is front and center now and no longer running among the shadows. With the young prince he protects now at the head of a kingdom (thanks to the untimely death of his father to open the issue) the snakes slithering below the surface have started to come out to stake their claim.

One of the biggest strengths of this book is that it isn’t world building, but rather exploring the actual rich world that existed at the time of colonial India. Many of the players in this story are actual pieces/analogues from the history of the era and land. This is the most masterful piece of this work, and that’s saying something. What we have folks, is a tapestry being unfolded before our eyes. This book is beautiful in everything it presents and the third chapter in this series presents us with an all new legend of lore. Normally sitting at the side, ever watching from the shadows, our apparent hero is forced into the light of action. He fits beautifully in the absolute gorgeous presentation that infects every page of this tale. Once again the care in crafting this book shines through. Now we’re getting the character emerging that encapsulates it all.

The cultural enrichment and history that are in the fabric of this book have helped create such an immersive environment that it is easy to already be in tune with the players of the game even though there’s hardly anything revealed about the totality of it all. Seeing a predatory old world kingdom at one if its most daring points right along side one of the richest and almost forgot old world kingdoms during some of its glory days is an absolute treat. The more that we get introduced too, the more we see that maybe there aren’t good guys and bad guys as we know them to be. Maybe, the nature of life and the world is linear regardless of your intentions or what you believe of good and bad. Perhaps, perhaps the dressing changes but the inevitability remains.

Even with the world exploring we aren’t sold short on the human element. In particular there’s a point where our beast is set to go off and fight a war and our young prince’s humanity, vulnerability, and pureness of heart is laid bare on the page. There is nothing that this book doesn’t deliver on and deliver on in spectacular fashion.

This book has teeth, and it’s starting to rear them … Hits shops FEB 6th!


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