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Scout Comics has stepped up to the plate in a big way with their reader and “comic press” interaction. Recently we received information and review copies of their titles set for June. There is a slew of new #1’s as well as North Bend #2 and White Ash #4. These books are all scheduled to come out in June. There is a chance however, with Diamond slowly ramping distribution back up, that some of these will end up hitting shelves in July. We looked through the upcoming titles and are going to highlight, or SHOUT about what has us excited:

Metal Shark Bro 2 #1

We kick off with the heavy metal return of the already cult favorite Metal Shark Bro. Now normally swimming off into the sunset would be a happy way to set sail on your story … but there’s nothing normal about the MSB story. In fact, it’s a zany and over the top romp and the second volume picks right up where the first left off. They’ve dialed the weird, gory and gross up to eleven and I love it. The best part about the kick off to VOL 2 is that the magic of the original iteration has been captured yet again. This is a seamless transition to the next part of the story for MSB. For me that was the integral piece to this debut issue. Would it still be MSB? It is absolutely exactly that. Picking up after our lovable Bro had been returned to true form, we find that offing Beelzebra may have kicked off more trouble than the jackass was worth. All his grungy fanboys/girls/demons/etc have their panties in a bunch over what MSB did. To deal with the absurdity of MSB himself there had to be an equally over the top baddie. The last few pages of the debut to VOL 2 don’t disappoint. It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out … in true MetalShark Bro fashion. Don’t miss the kickoff to the next round of zaniness from BOB FRANTS, KEVIN CUFFE, WALTER OSTLIE, and CHAS! PANGBURN

It Eats What Feeds It

A truly eerie horror tale kicks off in June. Before being absorbed by the story I was immediately struck by scenes in this book. The art/style is as truly unique as the blending of horror and romance that sits inside of It Eats What Feeds It. The haze of the Louisiana swamp permeates and helps drag you deeper in a metaphorically synergistic reading experience. It is a perfect setting for the dream type allure that falls over the hapless and hopeless teenager that finds a too perfect situation to be much more of a bite than he can chew. Aside from the overwhelming allure (and willingness) of the stunningly beautiful middle-aged woman that has employed him, the teenage Kenny must contend with his thoughts about the blood drenched kitchen spilling over with raw meat. Oh, and there’s that steel plated and bolt locked attic door that he doesn’t have access to as well. Being deep in the mystic and mysterious bayou, surely everything is fine right? I’m rather intrigued as to where this will go. Themes of exploration, awakening, urges, control (and lack of), and so much more are wrapped in this haunting yet inviting package. You’d swear you’re retracing places you know but realize with each turn of the page that this is somewhere you’ve never been. Risk begets danger begets the ultimate terrifying reveal. I’m hooked by this excellent and unique opening chapter from Max Hoven, Aaron Crow, and Gabriel Iumazark. (I was able to read the entire 3 issue mini and it is a fantastic horror tale)

North Bend #2

Taking from reality is always a good way to put genuine spook into your story. North Bend does just that as it borrows the Cold War approach and sets the MK ULTRA Project just a few moments into the future. We’re at war with Russia and ourselves. Political revolution and economic ruin are imminent and the CIA is instituting last ditch efforts to regain control. Naturally the answer lies in experimental drugs and mind control methods. We end up with the struggle of personal beliefs facing off against the security of the nation. Taking the honest to goodness fear, grief, and bleakness of a world that is not far off from our own, North Bend creates a suspenseful setting that feels a bit too real. The biggest draw with this title is that it immediately builds the tension and uneasiness needed to fully immerse the reader into believing the stakes are as high as they are. With the danger real and lurking everywhere the entire effort is almost over before it begins. As the wheels are set in motion the roads lead down paths that are in danger of asking the ultimate price for travel. The follow up gets things moving well. I’m definitely along for the ride from Ryan Ellsworth, Robert Carey, Ellie Wright, and Thomas Mauer.

White Ash #4

This installment of White Ash introduces Glarian. Slicing and dicing her way onto the scene in bloody fashion she’s not the only thing happening this issue though. Readers get some more of the town’s lore revealed as the Longest Night is glimpsed. The mystery and plot thicken as with revelation comes more questions. It is clear that death follows this town as there is more than one that plagues this issue. It isn’t all about passing on as a the new player in the game rears his head at the end of the issue. Things are heating up in White Ash and things are just beginning to boil. Aleck is being pulled by his passed but pushed away by the present of his town. With the tragedy of one of the deaths as a powerful reason to bolt he’s given every incentive to take off. Will it be enough to see him off or will he continue to dig into the mystery of White Ash as well as who he is? I can’t say enough about this fantasy epic from Charlie Stickney, Conor Hughes, and Fin Cramb.

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