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The Naked Eye

Kickstarted successfully earlier this spring, the Naked Eye brings a tale of a morally challenged celebrity photographer that gains the power to become invisible. The catch is that the trick only works at night … if he’s naked. Los Angeles usually sees the bad guys in living color up on the big screen. The paparazzo of this story finds that they aren’t confined to the scripted playgrounds. Our protagonist must decide if he’s willing to seek out the secrets and hidden agendas crawling everywhere when friends from his past are threatened.

The concept behind The Naked Eye is solid. Being a paparazzo in Los Angeles is about as abrasive and intrusive as one can get. Having any kind of moral compass doesn’t seem possible for someone willing to do the job that the papo’s do. The fact that Bram (our main character) even entertains the thought, let alone acts, of using his newfound invisibility to do good as a papo shows that there is thought and care in his character. When he’s confronted by a figure from his past with a big angle to not only do right, but blow open an operation even more amoral than the paparazzo he’s a part of.

Our introduction to Bram and the types of dreck he deals with is rather abrupt. In the first interaction we get with the invisible papo doing his job there are references and some language that might not sit with everyone. The scene’s purpose though, is to set up Bram as being a good individual at heart regardless of his choice of jobs and usage of his ability. The rest of the introductory issue introduces several aspects of the larger narrative that the Naked Eye will explore. A literal crash course in how Bram fell from grace is shoved between the set up and the start of the bigger story. We get character introductions as well as an introduction to the element that will drive this story deep into mystery and intrigue. There is a nice transition that links Bram being a papo to the reveal at the end of the book.

It is very apparent that there is much more to the story here with the Naked Eye. The concept started out as a TV pilot so clearly world building has been done behind the scenes. Bram goes invisible when the night falls so the reveal at the end only furthers the larger elements that the story is set to encompass. There will also be more to come to light with the bigger players assuredly as so far the introductions have been harsh and quick serving. There is much more story here and The Naked Eye #1 has introduced an intriguing concept on which to build.

The book makes its public debut at FanEXPO Boston AUG 16-18th!


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