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She Said Destroy #1

W – Joe Corallo / A – Liana Kangas / C – Rebecca Nalty / L – Melanie Ujimori / P – Vault Comics

If you don’t know this already, Liana Kangas’ art is drop dead gorgeous. She Said Destroy #1 showcases it wonderfully. In the next book to drop from the absolute top end on fire publisher today, Vault Comics, She Said Destroy takes us right into a brewing battle between Gods. Two Gods actually, because that’s all that are left. The Goddess of the Sun (Brigid) is standing opposed to her sister, the Goddess of Death (Morrigan). As it is set up though, it is the Goddess of Death that appears to be our “good guy” in this tale. I know better than to take face value in Vault books as they are DEEP with meaning and the layers of story are usually uncountable. For those reasons I’ll take it as it is presented but I’m quite curious …

… and that curiosity will have to wait. The first issue of SSD drops us face first into what’s going on. I think this was the best approach seeing as how this story has quite a few characters involved within. Clearly we’ve got much to cover and I appreciate the foregoing of a huge dump of exposition in this case. There will need to be some fleshing out of course, but seeing the characters ‘in fashion’ from the get go is refreshing and allows me, as the reader, to put some things together and build my own take. This initiation also sees the book move quickly and gives glimpses of several different aspects of the larger world/universe in an “at once” kind of fashion. Personally I love seeing the entirety of a story being displayed and interacting with itself before too much is known/given to us.

Joe Corallo has drawn inspiration from several places to create a world unique unto itself. While you’ll see nods to a certain popular RPG, an all time movie franchise, and some influences from fairy tale stories it is the creation we’re being shown that stands out. The struggle between Brigid’s followers (which is essentially everyone at this point) and Morrigan’s devout order (which are akin to rebels in this tale) is a construct separate from these nods. There is a flair of personality that sets these characters aside from their inspirations. Gods butting heads over followers has taken many forms in many different mediums. With SSD I’m hoping that the individual flair from the characters we’re shown is a precursor for what’s to come with this story.

Liana Kangas, Rebecca Nalty, and Melanie Ujimori have combined to blow you away with the presentation of She Said Destroy’s visuals. Comics are a visual medium. This team has taken an excellent premise from Corallo, stolen it, and run away to the hills. Deliberate lines, immersing colors, and synergistic letters create a down right stunning palette for this book. It’s been a long while since I’ve seen a team be so individually compelling with their pieces of the art yet so intertwined with the finished product. The aesthetic of this book threatens to take your breathe away with each page. The final splash steals it.

She Said Destroy more than lives up to the well earned reputation that Vault books hold. It is a fantasy driven, visually remarkable book that manages to present an excellent first chapter while maintaining the larger tease of what is coming.

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