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Roar of the Month

– SEP 16, 2017

The first ever ROAR OF THE MONTH goes to:


Heathen, Fissure, Colossi, Powerless, Failsafe, Karma Police, and the recently released Spiritus, Zojaqan, and Alien Bounty Hunter make up the Vault comics … erm … vault of comics. EVERY – SINGLE – BOOK is phenomenal and three of them are only one issue in. Old school Sci-Fi goodness? CHECK. New age Sci-Fi wonder? CHECK. Other worldly soul finding? CHECK. [Insert your own bad ass element here] CHECK.

The VAULT line of books has been beyond well received and for good reason. Without being flashy or overtly in your face, the team has managed to put out books that you simply can’t help but notice. The ARTWORK not only catches the eye but does as much to tell the story as the writing does. That’s quite the accomplishment considering the outstanding writing that runs rampant throughout their titles. With Colossi it’s hard not to feel like you’re in a 60’s Sci-Fi show with a Twilight Zone twist. Heathen presents a beautifully complex mythical world brought to life with clean lines and tones that allow the story to speak for itself. Powerless turns the superpower mythos on its head through the everyday conflict of morality vs self value. The entire line of books presents its own hook that sinks in and makes you pay attention. It isn’t for naught though as the stories being told reward you hand over fist for engaging with them. The layers added by the artwork only enrich the experience of picking up a VAULT title. So often books are swallowed by the art and the stories are overrun. This isn’t the case here. For example, Fissure makes me think back to when I used to watch Ray Bradbury Theater as a kid.

The bottom line here is that VAULT has brought a completely fresh take to the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre. Perfectly scripted stories accompanied and enhanced by outstanding artwork wonderfully chosen to accompany the tales, has helped craft a fantastic new universe of books. An ALL STAR lineup that features the likes of TIM DANIEL, JON ADAMS, TONI GREGORI, NATHAN GOODEN, RICARDO MO, DAVID BOOHER, and many others is bringing the hands down best line of books you can get. ADRIAN and DAMIEN WASSEL (along with GOODEN) have founded the publisher that is recreating what the bar is for outstanding books.

Cherry on the top? You can get in on the ground floor still as VAULT has REACTOR (Donny Cates), DEUCE OF HEARTS (Ricardo Mo), and MAXWELL’S DEMONS (Deniz Camp) yet to debut.

Super Bonus Cherry? Tim Daniel’s THE ATOLL has been brought under the wing as well.

Do yourself a favor and indulge in VAULT COMICS.

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