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Review: Wolvenheart #1 from Mad Cave

Wolvenheart #1, from Mad Cave Studios is enough to make your hair stand up! Or in my case, to make my former follicles quake in fear, wherever they may lie!

Creator and writer Mark London begins Part One (of Seven) back in the olde days: upstate New York, in 1858. An experiment is being conducted under a full moon at the Fairfield Psychiatric Facility. A man is strapped to a gurney, insisting that he’s a werewolf. The doctor scoffs: we’ll just see! Just as things are starting to go really REALLY wrong for the doctor, enter Sterling Cross, legendary Werewolf slayer of Wolvenheart!!

The resulting tale is a time-travelling, multi-dimensional dive into an evil conspiracy that reaches as far as Queen Victoria’s royal family!

Mark London is clearly in his element in Wolvenheart. There is a joy and cackle ever-present in the proceedings; it’s part old monster movie, part Back To The Future. The dialogue is direct and dramatic, the scenes carefully choreographed for maximum impact. Alejandro Giraldo contributes wonderful optics: bad beasts, wicked women, plenty of period costumes dripping with daggers. The colouring is murky, atmospheric and delightful.

If you like your horror served with a side of science fiction à la Doctor Who, well, Wolvenheart may be just for you!

Mad Cave Studios, Wolvenheart #1 (of 7), $3.99 for 28 pages of content, Assume Teen + rating

Alan Spinney


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