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Review: Savage Bastards #1 Mad Cave

It’s the Savage West where men were men and women were women. Oh, and let’s face it, they way history tells it, there was a lot of savagery all around!

Savage Bastards gets right to it in issue 1. Writer David Galiano brings forth the sixguns of blazing hot pistol drama to the dusty Mexican town of Guanajuato Mexico in 1873. The beautiful Rose Franklin is eating apples, laying low and aiming her pistol high. But then The Spider sits down beside her, and things get violently worse for Rose.

I like the gnarly, cussing feel of this story. Carlos Angeli nails down the dusty, the downtrodden horse-faced locals, the neighing and nodding of the themes and motifs of the old west. Whereever there’s a cliche at play, you can be sure it’s done right, “gol’darn it to tarnation”. Fun reading, I tell ya. Galiano’s dialogue rings true enough, the gun fights bring us back to Clint Eastwood and Alan Ladd, and the desperation sweat is everywhere. Plus, half brothers, Sam and Elliot, fight across a series of satellite towns in the Sonoran Desert in order to save Elliot’s mother from their sadistic, sociopath of a father,

There is great value, loads of great moments, and a great many panels of lesser men just trying to make a go of it. Sons of a Gun, check out this title!

Mad Cave Studios, Savage West #1, $3.99 for 21 pages of content. Assume Teen + rating

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