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Quick Hits (JAN 2021)

Luke Barnes Nick Goode Harry Hughes A piece of a larger puzzle, Odyssey is futuristic zombie romp. The larger ‘Snow-verse’ that this is part of has seen climate change wipe out pretty much everything. This book hits on the isolated bastions of civilization being infected (literally) from the desolated world outside. The race is on to reach the Odyssey, an spaceship orbiting Earth. With the knowledge that this is set in a larger scale universe of stories the stakes seem a bit more real for those involved here. This book also does an excellent job of presenting a stand alone while being connected to the larger scale universe it resides in.

Ryan Bis Crizam, Nathan Olson, Cristian Sauret, Nazareno Acuña, Sabrina Deigert, Renan Balmonte, Elijah Isaiah Johnson, Emma Southey-Ray, Jaka Prawira, Harold Palad, Heidi Black, Max Moda, Matias Zanetti and Mauro Mantella, Kathleen Brown and Iwan Yoko Triyono An anthological look at the future takes place through the eyes of various citizens that are experiencing it. Written by Ryan Bis and illustrated by a host of outstanding talents, CFAW takes seemingly unconnected takes and weaves a singular overarching tale through perspective. Akin to Astro City’s “big picture through the tiniest threads that create it” approach to the themes that make us, CFAW is a grand tale being told piece by piece. This way of storytelling allows for exponentially more breadth and depth without bogging the reader down. There isn’t expositional world building as this is done by the individualism of the tales themselves. An entry into things to come, CFAW is a great project that hopefully sees future explorations.

Dalton Shannon and Wells Thompson Serg Acuna, Kath Lobo, Mia Strizzi, Mary Landro, Andrea Modugno, Leonardo Grazzi, Antonio Russo Tantaro, Fisher Lee, Sleight, Walter Ostlie, and Doctor Fantastic Boasting a who’s who of indie talent this horror anthology hits the mark as both a horror book and well put together anthology. Now, obviously not every story is going to be a hit or fit for everyone. That’s not the point. The anthology format is about mood, setting and displaying the talent involved. Aces on these fronts with this one. With an author pair delivering the scripts for each story there is a commonality of tone that really allows each artist to put forth their own flair. This really works as each story is drastically different in setting in order to showcase all types of horror. Whether it’s the terror of a new job or the horror of a cosmic threat you’ll find something in this book that hits that dread button.


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