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Pull Box Update

THE DROP: The Terrifics, Astro City (no longer a monthly), Spirit: Corpse Maker (finished), Unholy Grail, Pestilence, Redlands, 7 to Eternity, and The Realm.

THE PICK UPS: Justice League, Venom, Death or Glory, Fantastic Four, Pearl, Friendo, and Hot Lunch Special

*I’m aware some of these books are mini or maxi series and not ongoing/currently ongoing … I leave them on my list regardless as it saves me the possibility of missing a future solicit/re-start/etc. Some are also done in “volumes” or by story line. A few titles are upcoming.

VAULT – Heathen* – Wasted Space – Deep Roots – Maxwell’s Demons – Deuce of Hearts – Reactor – Alien Bounty Hunter – Vagrant Queen – Submerged – Cult Classic: Return to Whisper – Songs for the Dead – Spiritus – The Atoll – Fissure – Karma Police – Colossi – Failsafe – Powerless – Zojaqan *Fearscape, Friendo, These Savage Shores (added)

AFTERSHOCK – B.E.K. [left on just in case it is revived] – Dark Ark – Hot Lunch Special A Walk Through Hell (added)

IMAGE – Redneck – Black Monday Murders (removed) – Youngblood (removed) – Evolution – Ice Cream Man (removed) – Death or Glory Cold Spots (added) Infinite Dark (added)

ARCHIE – Afterlife With Archie* – Sabrina* – Jughead: The Hunger Vamperonica (added)

MARVEL – Amazing Spider-Man – Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man – Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider (removed) – Astonishing X-Men – 2 in 1 (removed) – Venom – Fantastic Four Avengers (added) Immortal Hulk (added) Death of the Inhumans (added)

DC/VERTIGO – Mister Miracle – Justice League Hawkman (removed) – Pearl (removed)

DARK HORSE Death Orb (added)

BOOM Bone Parish(added) Black Badge (added)

ONI Shadow Roads (added)

MAD CAVE Knights of the Golden Sun (added)

AHOY Wrong Earth (added)

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