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Project: Starless Daydream


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PHEW! That’s a hell of a list of contributing creators (links in their name for more from them). Fitting, as this is a hell of a project. Off the heels of pushing his first two comics out into the world with Broken Bear and 20 Fists (one of our 2020 faves) Frankee White has jumped right into the deep end of pushing the medium envelope. Now, what’s the hub-ub all about you ask? Well Project: Starless Daydream sees Frankee telling a comprehensive story through mostly black & white consecutive art, pin-ups, double page spreads, character profiles, and journal entries in a 5.5″ x 8.5″ hardcover book. It’s an homage to the anime genre that pushes the concept, story, and themes in new directions. What’s even better, is that all net proceeds will be donated to The Trevor Project, the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ young people under 25. In the end, the effort gives us PROJECT: STARLESS DAYDREAM. The book isn’t a straight comic or graphic novel. This is more of a narrative comiczine that combines the elements of comic and graphic novel storytelling with the the full toolbox of the artists/colorists/letter to present a wonderfully unique piece of art and story presentation. As stated, it is mostly in black and white. This approach helps seal the overall aesthetic for the book as well as stamps on the final element of magic about how the whole thing was presented.

“The finale to the mech anime you never knew existed!”

From the get go we’re already working with a wonderful premise. Just about everything has already happened and what we’ve got in the project is the culmination of it all. Fuku Basara and her mech BG-BY are the main focus. Long story short they’re the baddest of asses in Saturn Sigma’s military operation. The issue is two fold. Saturn Sigma was established by Earth’s wealthy elite. With resources dwindling they set out and established colonies throughout the Solar System. Naturally they all failed one by one except for Saturn Sigma. Bloated with the refugees of the failed colonies it is quickly becoming apparent that it too will fail. Thus, war with Earth and its now healing environment. The second issue is Fuku herself. She’s tired of it all and does. not. give. a. fuck. The common threads of disenfranchisement and realization are called upon to help usher a revitalized use of rebellion into this story.

The pure genius of this effort is that we can clearly see each defined element (the different artists for each piece) while also being treated to the fluid narrative that they all helped create. Even more, even though we’re presented a full on story we’ve also been given very personal and individual pieces of food for thought. As much as the fantasy anime finale delivers the entirety (and ending) of itself, it also presents doors for our own … daydreams. The pages within are just as much a piece of the brainstorm for this book as they are the element of it they represent. Filling in gaps with technical spec pages, diary entries, splash pin ups, and direct narration doesn’t just help the book flow but also feel as though it is breathing. In a way that a documentary series gives you everything, nothing, and pieces of the whole all at once Project Starless Daydream immerses you in its entirety.

It’s a true credit and reflection of the creative team involved that this project didn’t just come off, but has come off brilliantly. As a mere comic I’m hooked. I want the whole of it. I want the wealthy elite cutting off the “dead weight” of the failing Earth. I want the tragedy and heart break of the citizens of Earth being left to rot. I want the dead alive resurgence of reality on Saturn Sigma as the refugees from the failing colonies come crashing down on it. I want the rise of Fuku as the ultimate mech wielding bad ass. I want ALL the mech!

Truly I am invested and am on board for every other piece of this anime I never knew existed.

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