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From time to time I’ll shuffle up my subs as books fall flat, lose luster, get their 38481856th first issue in 12 months etc etc etc … I do have to mention that I almost always try to get in on the ground floor with issue #1 for books I sub. Collectability plays a part yes, but there’s just something I don’t like about jumping in mid or way down stream. All to often “great jumping on points” or “perfect place to start for new readers” are loads of bupkis. Just not for me. SOOOOO, as of April 2018 these are the books in my pull box (by publisher):

*I’m aware some of these books are mini or maxi series and not ongoing/currently ongoing … I leave them on my list regardless as it saves me the possibility of missing a future solicit/re-start/etc. Some are also done in “volumes” or by story line. A few titles are upcoming.

VAULT – Heathen – Fissure – Karma Police – Colossi – Failsafe – Powerless – Maxwell’s Demons – Deuce of Hearts – Reactor – Spiritus – The Atoll – Zojaqan – Wasted Space – Deep Roots – Alien Bounty Hunter – Vagrant Queen – Submerged – Cult Classic: Return to Whisper – Songs for the Dead

AFTERSHOCK – B.E.K. – Pestilence – Dark Ark – Unholy Grail

IMAGE – 7 to Eternity – Redneck – Black Monday Murders – The Realm – Youngblood – Evolution – Redlands – Ice Cream Man

ARCHIE – Afterlife With Archie – Sabrina – Jughead: The Hunger

MARVEL – Amazing Spider-Man – Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man – Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider – Astonishing X-Men – 2 in 1

DC/VERTIGO – Mister Miracle – Astro City – The Terrifics

DYNAMITE – The Spirit: Corpse Maker

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