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Letters from Midia (Graphic Novel) – REVIEW

Art and script by Boluwatife Oriowo, edited by Abiola Oriowo, Olanrewaju Oriowo, and Babatunde Oriowo.

This is the story of a lone knight, Jason, in search of his beloved Princess Midia, who has been kidnapped by her wicked uncle and now leaves letters for Jason in her wake.

Letters from Midia is a pitch-perfect mix of fantasy, humour, and light horror, mixing a little Disney, a little Looney Tunes, and something of Jeff Smith’s Bone in with imaginatively choreographed action and expressive artwork. It’s an unabashedly archetype-driven fantasy, yet unfailingly fresh, Bolu using his audience’s familiarity with the knight’s quest setup to get the story underway swiftly and keeping that pace up throughout.

Although the book is 120 pages long, it’s a quest you’ll likely zip through in one joyous sitting, in part due to the mute (although fantastically characterful) protagonists of Jason and his steed, as well as the action-driven narrative, with Midia’s titular letters providing changes of pace between each action set-piece. And though, yes, the basic setup is familiar, this only serves to make each break with expectation more effective and gripping.

Bolu has taken on the art, writing, and lettering of the book, which makes the professionalism on display here even more noteworthy. Admittedly, clarity is lost in a couple of the action scenes and some of the lettering could do with a little polish, but the confidence and character poured into this story, especially in the emotive physicality and expressions, is extremely impressive.

I mentioned earlier that the book is 120 pages long, and I’d heartily recommend it at full price, but it’s currently on sale for only $3.01 for the digital edition. That’s incredible value for a fantastic tale, from a creator I hope we see much more of in the coming years.

Letters From Midia, $3.01 – for 120 pages of content. Recommend T+ rating Reviewed by Tom Woodman (@TomMayoWoodman)


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