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Kickstarter Alert – Tokyo Blade Detectives

Friend of the DCN Todd Black has launched his next Kickstarter campaign! With the creative team of Lam Vu Van (2019 Vietnam Webtoon Contest Winner), David Hayes (Rottentail, The Rot), and Zakk Saam (Kim & Kim, Star Trek/Green Lantern) this book has loads of firepower behind hit. Full press release:

Tokyo Blade Detectives #1 Launches On Kickstarter! A Brand New Anime-Style Comic Has Come To The Popular Crowdfunding Service

Champaign, IL: Today, BlackMagicWolf Productions, an indie comic book publisher with 29 comics made so far, have launched a new Kickstarter for their next project! The new ongoing series is called Tokyo Blade Detectives and seeks to entrance comic readers with its sleek anime-style visuals, deep plot and fun battles featuring “laser swords”.

The series takes place in Tokyo, Japan over 200 years into the future, where the nation has been rebuilt and isolated after many wars and a reconstruction of the nation. Now, technology rules to such a degree that there is a concrete that must be followed: “No guns allowed”. To re-establish power, the government and several “Factions” use laser swords to fight and wage war for the soul of the nation. The sword has once again become the most powerful thing in Japan.

At the center of the story is a young girl named Miko, who is a detective in this new world. Miko aims to survive every day by doing her job and paying the bills while trying to avoid all the drama that the Factions and the government bring to Tokyo. Yet that doesn’t stop events from coming to her doorstep and putting her on a collision course with a dark conspiracy, deadly threats, and much more.

“Tokyo Blade Detectives is an idea I’ve had for so long, and it’s a thrill to finally launch it on Kickstarter,” says Todd Black, creator of BlackMagicWolf Productions and Tokyo Blade Detectives. “The series is different from many other comic series because everything is in flux. The Factions constantly gain and lose territory in Japan, there’s always angles that people won’t see until much later, and Miko’s part in all of this may not be what you expect. It’s going to be a fun ride!”

The goal of the Kickstarter is to raise $1500 to fund the rest of the first issue, of which 5 pages are done right now, and 10 will be done before the Kickstarter is finished, leaving the other ten to be done if the project is funded. Rewards for the Kickstarter include: digital and physical comics, getting put into a “Thank You” section, getting drawn into the comic, getting t-shirts, and receiving all books in the BlackMagicWolf Productions line.

Those who wish to check out the Kickstarter can go to the project through the following link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blackmagicwolf/tokyo-blade-detectives-1

About BlackMagicWolf Productions: BlackMagicWolf Productions started of in 2012 when Todd Black started making comics. Since then he has made three comic series in Guardians, Home, and 10,000 Miles, as well as novel series Sherlock Holmes The Greatest Detective and has collaborated on anthologies and science-based comic Seekers of Science. The company has displayed at many comic-cons, and has had many successful Kickstarters to fund their various projects over the years.


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