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Kickstarter Alert – Reanimator Incorporated

Andy Perry Lyndon White

“Bloody-minded scientist Herbert West struggles to reanimate the dead, while his partner, Cain struggles with the morality of their morbid task. Under mounting pressure, West’s determination to perfect his atomic reanimation unit leaves his ethics, subjects and family in limbo. As the boundaries of science are pushed to breaking point, ructions within the infernos of hell expose a much greater, theological threat. Based on H.P. Lovecraft’s ‘Herbert West – Reanimator’, Reanimator Incorporated: Chapter One is a complete reimagining of the original story. Taking inspiration from Lovecraft’s original text, and from Gordon’s 80’s movie adaptation, this 56-page graphic novel modernizes West’s machinations, whilst weaving literary mythology (Lovecraftian and beyond) into the tale. Think Reanimator meets From Beyond, with a splash of Dante’s Inferno, a dab of King’s Pet Sematary, and then some.” – Andy Perry (Writer)

Taking the classic and well known tale from Lovecraft and applying well known tropes (science vs religion/supernatural) Andy Perry and Lyndon White have created a fascinating re-imagination of a tale that continues to provide an outlet for people to learn about their own humanity … and what it means. What we’re dealing with here is, effectively, the grand children of the namesakes that people are familiar with. Set in the immediate future the serum of old has been replaced by an AI operated super computer. West’s reanimation is now a complete break down and reconstruction at the atomic level. The deformities or issues (like what killed the body) are corrected. The driving belief is that if the body can be repaired then it can be revived. Cain (West’s partner) though, thinks that there is perhaps more to life than just the body.

Several questions are asked and there’s plenty left open to explore for the rest of the planned chapters. Perry and White have created a wholly new take on the classic Lovecraft tale. It is well written and looks gorgeous. The creative team is just as serious about bringing a competent, well produced book to readers as they are a captivating tale. They’ve brought on Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou as an editor (as well as Chris Holmes, Fred McNamara, and Jack Jennings). Reanimator Incorporated is just as structurally sound as any published book you’ll find on the shelves. All involved have ensured that this is a new tale that faithfully borrows from a classic. You won’t find a simple remake or attempt at modernizing in these pages. What you will find is a scientific, philosophic, and theological exploration using Lovecraft’s characters and concepts. It is clear that Perry and White want to push the boundaries of what we can imagine (just as Lovecraft initially did) while rooting our exploration in comprehension. At least to start, that is.

The project is slated to begin it’s Kickstarter Campaign MAY 20th <— click for pre-launch page/set up notification of launch The DCN will be on board for the 72 page opening chapter.

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