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ILTG VOL 1: The Shroud – Tombstone – Samaritan

It’s our second edition of I LOVE THESE GUYS! The first go round came about due to circumstances of the day that I wrote the piece. I’d been thinking about this particular bit for a while and had decided to go with it but hadn’t really nailed down how I wanted to go about it. Well, that day saw me have a “b-list” convo on Twitter that included The Shroud, I’d picked up a very high grade issue of Tombstone’s origin, and had a convo at my LCS about the “Superlogues” and who we liked best. The bit wrote itself. So here we are with the VOL 2 of ILTG and I decided on using a theme of sorts a I’ve done with the Full Frontal Friday pieces.

So let’s take a look at some JIM STARLIN creations (co-creations) that I love:

DRAX THE DESTROYER (Original Incarnation)

MONGUL (w/Len Wein)

The Weird (w/Bernie Wrightson)

Image result for starlin the weird dc character

Talk about an appropriate name. All energy beings are pretty funky as is but this character was given a chance to ‘shine’ so to speak. Tragic beginnings spark, well, a weird existence. Being pure energy he was naturally (along with his entire race) enslaved by another race as a power source. The poor being ends up escaping for help only to take on the physical body of a damned dead guy. This brings a whole fractured state of mind with bits of his host (the dead Walter Langley) flashing in and out of his psyche. To top that off freaking Blue Beetle named him. How can you not already love him? How about the sympathy card? His new form was (get this) unstable and he ended up being tossed back out into space to explode … oh Guy f’n Gardner is the one that booted him. For me I really got into the character in Starlin’s STRANGE ADVENTURES series. He was on the opposite end of his beginnings as his essence was causing stars to disappear as he “ate” them. Not fully aware of who/what/how or anything else he’s caught in a … weird … place in a much bigger plot. Yes, he’s being used again but this time around he’s a force to be reckoned with. Throughout his existence he’s had a hell of a hard go. He’s been brought back to life in a … weird … event that ties him to Captain Comet through resurrection (what?). He’s been essentially the most powerful being in the DCU during the Strange Adventures limited series. He’s actually really damn powerful (can match Superman’s strength in certain forms). There’s a lot going on with this character and he sums up the grandiose of Starlin’s ways perfectly. That’s why I love this guy.

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