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Hidden Gems: Kickstarter Comics I’ve Backed

Great books, or at least ones we enjoy, come from literally everywhere. In the age of information proliferation we’ve been blessed by social platforms and the online word. Both avenues create an infinite reach through which we can grab onto anything we can think of. For the comic book (and related world) this is a Utopian age. The masses of readers are now available to be had by creators. As a member of that mass of readers I now finally have limitless means to seek out stories, art, and books that fit my ever evolving tastes.

Kickstarter is one such outlet and provides both ends of the spectrum (creators/readers) a meeting place that doesn’t just put them in touch with each other. The ‘crowdfunding’ allows a DIRECT touch between the two and opens many more avenues through which both creators and readers to enjoy the comic book world. I’ve found MANY projects I’ve really liked, a few I’ve really loved, and plenty that just weren’t my thing. In the end my “backing” has come down to timing as much as anything. Sometimes I can afford to and sometimes I can’t. Thus far these are the projects I’ve backed (in chronological order):

THE SAV I was first made aware of Javan Jordan over on the CBCS (THE best comic grading service out there) collector’s club Facebook page. When he began speaking up about his project I was interested on the concept. A Native American has his whole tribe slaughtered in a night and is resurrected to take vengeance? Ok! A nice campfire, folklore kid of tale that’s not your typical comic book fare. The cover is fantastic too btw.

SAV Original KS Page

Inspector Von Ghoul A paranormal investigator … and Dr Frankenstein and Dracula team up to revive him? Kooky fun story and absolutely perfect artwork for it! Nicholas Malara has created a fun romp with classical characters and one of his own creation. After a bad night with a werewolf our dear Inspector VG gets a second chance at things with a little nod to the 6m$ man (enhancements). He’s undead and plays to the classic pulp horror scene we all love. This was a damn good, fun book.

IVG Original KS Page

Paradox This one was a bit different and that’s what makes it lovely. It’s linear, but not as the entirety of the story is about a kiddo trying to stop a paradox that not only creates him, but also happens to be destroying reality. Ain’t that swell! The actual paradox is a bit um, interesting, but really this thing isn’t just about sleeping with your mom. Yeah, you read that right … but seriously, read it. It’s available on digits: Paradox Tumblr … and that log is a Tim Daniel creation to boot!

PDX Original KS Page

Super Robot Mayhem So you’ve got a virus that helps you bond with a giant robot ass kicking machine? It could be worse. I mean other than the part where you slowly lose yourself through this connection, and your grip on everything you are starts to fade. Though, when you’ve got the invading DEMON ALLIANCE on your shoulders because you drew them with your connection to the robot …. yeah, shit hits the fan eh?

SRM Original KS Page

The Strip Red Stylo Media put out a wonderful anthology every bit as kinky, and weird as the Las Vegas motif that The Strip is based around. So what happens when you fling yourself into the future and come upon Vegas? That was the question prompt to get the stories flowing from the collection of writers (which includes David Booher btw). What happened, what’s become of, and what is Vegas in the far off ? There are some wonderful guesses in this book.

TS Original KS Page

Currently I’m backing 5 projects which I’ll spotlight shortly …

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