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Full Frontal Friday – Marvel Milestones


This week we feature some Marvel Milestone books that have dropped recently. ASM hit #800, Iron Man hit #600, and Daredevil #600 have all graced us with their presence in comic-dom now and the chance to put out some really great covers was fully taken advantage of.

Daredevil #600 (Adi Granov)

Iron Man #600 (Alex Ross)

So he features on here quite a bit but for good reason. The man does phenomenal work. Tasked with creating an image for IM 600, he delivers big time. Not only is this a milestone issue for a hallmark Marvel character, but also served as Bendis’ final Marvel book. No pressure. The book itself ties up A LOT of the plot and leaves the door open nicely. Biggest part of the book? It was more MAN than anything else. The Ross cover shows that off perfectly. Yes, he’s ripping through metal … with his HANDS, not repulsor rays. The armor is magnificent, but the muscular detail and form pop through and give it shape. There’s expression bleeding through the face plate. Most importantly? The glow/shine of the reactor .. the HEART of it all. In a send off that ties up the ‘search for Tony Stark’ we get a classic image that depicts the MAN in Iron Man. Perfect.

Amazing Spider-Man #800 (Lucio Parrillo)

IMO the biggest of the milestones to hit and the overall best. We get tragedy and a very old school Spider-Man story brought to a very real closure. This cover depicts quite a bit about what all happens and why. Playing off #699’s cover where the Green Goblin is holding up Spidey’s mask (it’s damn near a mirror image) we see the reflection and evolution of Osborn. Psychotic doesn’t even begin to describe it and then we’ve got the Carnage symbiote tossed in on top. The deadliest part of it all (literally) is Osborn putting together, finally, who Spider-Man is. The identity under the mask is what actually bears the fruit of his warped mind. The character though is every bit as physically menacing as he is mentally. That is captured remarkably well. The kind of ‘gotcha’ smirk is a particularly nice bit here. The key to it all is the revealing of the identity. The entirety of the Red Goblin character and story is summarized with this cover, exceptionally well.

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