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Full Frontal Friday – CAP!

In celebration of Independence Day this week’s FFF Feature is of the one and only Captain America! The good ‘ol Red, White, and Blue is on display!

Captain America #1 (Parillo)

What we’ve got here is an update on the classic image. Steve Rogers, CAPTAIN AMERICA, holding up ‘ol Glory. The shield is there, the uniform is the sleek and poignant CAP look, his mask is off showing the world that he is indeed back and he is indeed CAP, and the flag is frayed and tattered just like CAP himself is. He’s coming out of, to understate it, a very bad spell and has quite a bit to make up for. This is a good start. Parillo does a very nice job updating the portrait picture of Steve. There’s a new day dawning for the symbolic hero and there’s no better way to have the sun rise, than with an image that’ll instill confidence as it has for decades.

Captain America: Living Legend #1 (Granov)

Image result for captain america virgin art cover

Captain America #600 (Ross)

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