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Full Frontal Friday – Alex Ross

Our second venture into Full Frontal Friday brings us the knock out gorgeous Alex Ross covers. There are literally too many to pick from so I tried to get three covers from his broad range of work. Ross is known for his breathtaking scenes and ability to portray both the power and grace of the genre.

This is a beautiful cover not just for the artwork itself, but for the depiction of classic characters. The image is several things in one. Yes, it is a very nice presentation as we “look up” at the looming presence of the heroes that are set on stopping the evils of the world. Even more than that though, is that these characters are giants of the comic/hero world. These are originals and their presence has been felt for as long as these types of stories have been written. Movies, newspaper comic strips, crossovers with iconic superheroes, novels, and the list goes on. This viewpoint and perspective shows them in the ‘giant’ light they deserve. Also captured, are iconic tips of the hat to signatures for each of them. Kato readying the fists, that Green Hornet firearm, the crossing of the arms of the Shadow, the tell-tale mask of Spider, and of course that Z call sign. Simple, clean, and speaks volumes.

This one is right there in your face. The plot of season six (direct continuation of the tv series) is that a rogue OSI faction is trying to replace the MAN in the 6m $ man with a completely robotic and obedient model. This cover features the underlying context of the series … the MAN. He’s busting right through the new robotic version of himself. The imagery reflects the story very well and works as an easily identifiable piece of art. Steve Austin is a classic character and Lee Majors is an iconic face. Both are strong on this cover and the virgin art treatment makes it all pop. I like the duality of the characters as well as the imagery of having Steve ‘busting out’ of both the attempted replacement as well as the cover of the book itself. When given an honest chance, the 6m $ man stories can grab even younger readers (especially when they see how close it is to things they already think are cool). This is the type of cover that’ll make them look.

Brand spanking new cover of one of the coolest things to happen in comics recently. Normie with the Carnage symbiote? An absolutely whacked out of his mind Osborn merging with the psychotically insane Carnage symbiote? Hell yes. Ross’ image gives us an absolute perfect personification of the hideously insane face such a marriage would literally project. This is wonderful. This is the type of thing that should be by itself and the virgin art treatment makes the image all the more skin crawly, which is exactly what this character incites when thought about. It’s hard to imagine just what something that is both Osborn and Carnage could look like but seeing this, I can’t help but think it’s perfect. My favorite part is that Ross has laid over the insanity of Carnage and intertwined it with the craziness of the Goblin. Even more impressive is the ‘I know what I’m doing’ but still psycho Osborn that comes through with the eyes. Gorgeous piece.

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