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Friendo #4 – Advance Review

From the get go this book has been a blunt force trauma of truth for readers. That doesn’t let up as the tragic dissociation that is becoming the norm is front and center. The issue kicks off with a conversation baring this systemic disease right there on the page. We don’t see the two individuals having the conversation which hammers hope the point. This back and forth is enough to make you want to slap the conversation out of their mouths and also serves as a perfect illustration of how powerfully real the messages in this book truly are.

We’re continuing to get visuals that relay much more than just the art work of the book. Our little “Friendo” is looking much worse for wear. It’s not just a physical pin for the literal action in the book though. As we continue to play out the dissociation from BOTH sides of things the literal physical wearings of the affliction being put onto the construct of it is a very masterful piece of storytelling. Why? Just consider the news on any given day when a Big Box collapses or Name Brand goes under despite every red flag and warning bell firing off for what seemed like an eternity. In many ways we as individuals are no different than Big Corp and vice versa. In our own ways we’re both living breathing beings that are prone to the same weaknesses and desires. Case in point? Big Box Crop cares not for being robbed because PROFIT!

The slow turn but seemingly quick flip of the script between our main characters is a very welcome wrench thrown into this piece. We’re all fools for our own desires right? The on thing we can’t ever say no to is ourselves and we’ll justify anything in any way imaginable if we want it. The lines are blurred and knots are tied before you even realize that the escape door has already been welded shut behind you. Now we see our main players figuratively walking hand in hand to a mutual demise. The demise mind you, is being orchestrated of course, by individuals dissociated from the ground level first hand truth of it all.

The walls and layers that this book is building in order to expose nasty truths we live with, prescribe too, believe, and even perpetrate ourselves every single day is astounding. The ending of this issue brings the beginning of the afore mentioned mutual demise as brutally as it has exposed truths. The paradigm shift of “power and control” has moved and those pulling the strings have to take action. They do so with faux and ‘self-thought to be true’ sympathy. The fake, the lies, and the truths be damned. When something has grown past what you see in it, what use is it after all? Can’t spin it to make you look good or put something superficial in your pocket then it’s clearly no good at all, right?

Yes it’s hard to accept how much control the vanities that control our lives. Impulse and justification, self gratification, and the point blank detachment lead to scary places with real consequences that don’t pull punches. If you’ve not been reading this book thus far you NEED to go back and catch up! You owe it to yourself to take the slap in the face and wake up. Then join us this NCBD for issue #4.

Hits shelves FEB 13th!


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