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Friendo #2

Well hot damn. After the reality check in issue #1 we’re off to the races … If you’ve still not started Friendo then you can check out our take on the first issue HERE

It cannot be expressed enough just how horrifyingly real of a take this book has on our slide into consumerism, technology, and pretty much any other means of pushing off our actual lives for an alternate version. Alex Paknadel, as we’ve stated, hits this nail on the head with frightening accuracy. What is perhaps the most concerning piece is that the “Friendo” acts all too much like many people in our lives today. Something in it for them? Right on, they’re quick to lend a hand. Any way to serve themselves? Yup, step right up because I’m your bud! Not sure what you want? Look here friend, have I got a deal for you! The self serving nature of society today is perfectly reflected through Jerry, the AI. The all to natural interaction from Jerry is what laces the story and brings to the forefront the issue at hand. Our own indulgence blinds us from seeing that we are engaging in the very behavior we condemn from others, and that condemns us.

With issue #1 we were given a polite, but stern, slap right across the mouth. It was an attempted wake up call or ‘snap to it’ kind of alert. Everything was laid out in obvious and overt mannerisms … the same ones we look right past (or through) ourselves. It’s no wonder it didn’t click with our main man. It’s also no wonder it was that easy for him to step off the right path and directly into the open, waiting, and ill-intended hands of his Friendo. Thankfully he’s recovered from the stabbing in the opening issue in regards to his physical state of things. Mentally? Yeah, we’re just starting that slide into oblivion. In a way, I couldn’t help but think about the theme song to the Lego Movie. “Everything awesome, everything is cool when you’re part of a team, everything is awesome … when you’re living OUR dream!”

That’s pretty much what the lovely Friendo, Jerry is doing. Sell that dream, show Leo (our poor sap) that what he’s told he wants, is better, or is what he needs is the way to go! Darn that pesky reality check (hello girlfriend). Don’t fret though dear consumer, as Jerry literally infects the very panels of the book to pump Pump PUMP! The way this issue is laid out is just perfect to reflect the infectious nature of the consumerism and need to HAVE that the Friendo is representing. Even the lettering helps ooze it all over the place. Just wonderful. I mean how fitting that this is a comic book that is presenting the very need to read it/have it directly to you by way of the superficial metaphor it is driving home! Brilliant work.

This full frontal presentation of our “smart” reality is roaring ahead with the pedal planted firmly to the floor. Stellar follow up on the absolute master piece of a first issue.

This book is damn good.


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