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Looking over the solicits for upcoming books, these are the ones I’m finding interesting and might just pick up:

AFTERSHOCK: [JUNE] Relay- Loved the FCBD issue and am looking forward to this sci-fi book where humans are the assimilating beings that run across the cosmos and taking on new worlds. Not all is as it seems and this book explores that. [JULY] Lost City Explorers – A comic that centers around people first. Supernatural elements and mythos involved for the plot elements but the story is about the people, the science, and the mythology. Plus, it’s done by Zack Kaplan (Port of Earth). [AUGUST] Hot Lunch Special – Subway meets the mafia? Midwestern setting for a family that jumps a bit too far into the (crime) pool. Sure an ancient contract is broken and the Irish mob comes calling but it’s even more about people and their issues in trying to connect … and uh, it’s Eliot Rahal!

DC COMICS: [JUNE] Hawkman- A greatly undervalued and underused character lately and one that opens up so many doors (like Martian Manhuter does) is getting his own series again. He’s chasing down an ancient prophecy and trying to get to the bottom of his many reincarnations. Please be good.

Justice League- I really hope this doesn’t suck, or fall flat. I am begging for a proper superhero team book (AVG has started well), especially for DC as I’m begging for the publisher to give me a reason to care again. Snyder is saying all the right things leading up to it so … shame on me this time if this doesn’t work out.

IMAGE: [JUNE] Shanghai Red- 1800s Pacific Northwest sees kidnapping, murder, mystery, and a whole lot more go down in this identity/revenge saga. Christopher Sebela is crafting what is shaping up to be a hell of a ride. [JULY] Outpost Zero- Small town life on the frozen tundra that wasn’t ever meant to be there? Mystery out in the ice? Ok, I’ll bite. Life happens as normal even though surviving is hard enough. What could possibly be an issue other than the frigidness of the environment itself?

VAULT: [JULY] Submerged- Estranged family members caught in the biggest storm in the history of NYC. A broken cell phone on the ground with a blocked off subway entrance beckoning … daring you to go and brave the darkness and unknown of the underground to save someone.

ONI PRESS: [JUNE] Shadow Roads- Set in what’s left after The 6th Gun, the shadow roads are a mythical plane that act as doorways though the universe. There are entities that are putting creation in danger. Tasty stuff.

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