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Fearscape #4 – Advance Review

Deeper and deeper we go. Last issue saw our tragically tragic hero? come face to face with one reality after another. The house of cards has come crashing down directly on Henry’s head. He’s gotten a taste of real action and now faces real consequence.

But a spinster is never done spinning a tale and our dear Henry Henry is not about to allow truth to take hold. As the Fearscape steps out into the real world thanks to his own rash actions, Henry is forced back into the Fearscape in order to do the only thing he can in hopes of saving his snake oiled soul … lie. All too often in life we see liars, cheats, and the dishonest get far more than they ever deserve. They’re praised falsely, given accolades that don’t belong to them, and sit atop pedestals they’ve no business perching. Thus far our dear Henry has been the stereotypical lying, cheating, gaslighthing fool. Now though? Well he’s running into some rather big issues with his actions AND the fact that the Fearscape is no longer staying put. Our “real” world is getting some cross over and that is an event that Henry is not ready for.

You see, within the Fearscape Henry’s gift (for lack of a better term) still has traction. Everything is a grand play and everyone is a character on stage. Each an every person or entity has a part to play in the universal order of things. Having had a role in this for far longer a spell than our Henry, some of these characters are not so easily fooled. But what is a fake hero master literary warrior to do when the smoke starts clearing and the mirrors start reflecting the truth? If you’re Henry Henry you double and triple down on the lies and even turn the allegations onto one that is a trusted part of this timeless dance (recently departed be damned). Now we must take a moment and be fair to our master of lies ceremonies as Henry truly does feel disgust and contempt for his actions (and their consequence) against the Muse. Forever the spinster forthright play write, Henry sets out weaving yet another silk tongued web.

Even caught red-handed Henry is able to spin yet another yarn and weave more layers into his twisted tale. Surely being caught in the act and exposed as a fraud would be the end for him, yes? Never underestimate the value of silver on the tongue. In a master stroke dear Henry manages to turn about the accusations and push doubt back onto those that would do him in. Our tale, turned on its head twice leaves us with a dreadful sense of inevitability. No matter the amount of lies our Henry tells, the deeper the hole is dug, or far the suspense of belief is stretched the lying literary liege continues to dance a most dangerous dance.

Issue 4 of Fearscape ramps up the tension a bit as Henry is pressed on both his words and actions. The Fearscape and the real world both are starting to crack his glass house. How much longer can Henry maintain the illusion?

Henry Henry’s whimsical farce continues on FEB 13th!!!


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