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FAMILY FEUD: Who ya Got?

The wife and I often pose questions to each other about any and all, and just random aspects of comic-dom.  Recently we’d sat having some beers debating Juggernaut w/Phoenix Force VS Hulk which ended up on an Absorbing Man/Thor aside.  Our latest back and forth was about who we’d pick as our 4 Horsemen.  Surely this would change at any given time/frame of mind, but this is what we decided on the other day.  So we decided to make this a thing.

Wifey wrote her reasoning and I put down mine soooo …

WHO YA GOT: Your 4 Horsemen of Apocalypse Are?

WIFEY (Emma Frost/Ghost Rider/Black Dwarf/Scarlet Witch) Emma Frost – Who doesn’t need or want a powerful telepath on your side?  It also helps that she wouldn’t need much coercion or cookies to come to the dark side.  Not only does she possess a strong and powerful telepathic ability, but with her diamond form, she is able to immediately and effortlessly block other telepaths while maintaining all of her mental strength.  Imbued with enhancements from Apocalypse, she could prove to be an incredibly useful tool.

Ghost Rider – I have to admit that this idea came from the recent annual about Thanos turning Ghost Rider into Cosmic Ghost Rider to become his Herald after he destroyed Galactus.  Here is a guy who has practically already lost his mind when he took the deal to become the Rider, but you add into it a Cosmic power (which is essentially what I believe Apocalypse would be doing for all arguments sake) and here you have an off-the-wheels-bat-shit-crazy guy who is willing to do whatever is asked of him by the crazy bastard who controls him.  All leaders need this guy.

Black Dwarf – This guy is basically my muscle.  I chose him over a guy like Hulk or Juggernaut because I don’t think even a mindless beast like Hulk would really be what he would have intended to be once he truly succumbed to the darkness that is the seed Apocalypse implants. Juggernaut is one of those shady guys who, deep down, is always out for himself first and foremost.  I’m not going to put in someone who I have to keep my eye on at all times. I’m freakin Apocalypse. I’m busy.  So I chose Black Dwarf because he is damn near impenetrable like Hulk, as strong as Hulk, and as destructive as Hulk, but he actually has the mental capacity to be as I intended.

Scarlet Witch – This one was easy.  Magic is always useful.  And Wanda already doesn’t mind going the immoral route if deemed it necessary and if you can convince her or even just slightly push her into a more sinister route and let her loose, that’s all you need.  Scarlet Witch is one of the most powerful beings in all the cosmic universe and she just needs her goody-two-shoes doors to be shut so she can let all her power unleash.  She also isn’t really one for taking the lead which is what makes her and ideal candidate to follow.

ME (Scarlet Witch/Annihilus/Lockjaw/Archangel) Scarlet Witch – Even with the power she has displayed in the books (like say depowering just about every single mutant to include Magento) I don’t feel Wanda is properly recognized for her power level and ability set.  Reality altering, destined to be the Nexus Being (living focal point of Earth dimension’s mystical energy), and both mutant and cosmic magic?  I’m pretty sure that she’s the best part of characters like Dr Strange, Dormammu, and Jean Grey all rolled into one.  With the eroding of her giving a damn allowing all of her to be unlocked, Wanda could likely be all four horsemen in of herself.  Pretty telling that we both chose her independently.

Annihilus – He’s the unquestioned ruler of an entire section of the Marvel Universe.  This dude has subjugated Blastaar, a guy who’s energy blasts can temporarily disrupt the molecular integrity of Eternals.  It has taken Galactus to stop him (even then he withstood a blast that destroyed solar systems), he’s easily beaten Thor, and his Cosmic Control Rod is ridiculously powerful.  With it he’s able to manipulate the molecular structure of matter and it so greatly reduces his aging process he’s practically immortal.  Though, even if he did die he’d be reborn because that’s a perpetual thing with him.

Lockjaw – I’m an Inhuman fan but even I was surprised at just how powerful and useful Lockjaw is.  Yes he teleports.  But uh, he can open doors to other dimensions.  He can even teleport or dimension hop through barriers that are otherwise impassable.  As a dog he’s super heightened as humanoid heroes are in comparison to humans (for instance, the Thing couldn’t shake him when he’d clamped down on his arm).  His ability to ‘track scent’ goes across dimensional space and he even has some level of a “spidey sense” as well when it comes to danger.  He’s even been augmented so that he can teleport across interplanetary distances.

Archangel – I admit he’s one of my favorite characters ever.  That said, he’s displayed everything needed to both be and reign as a horsemen.  His killer persona is so strong that even Psylocke can only keep it at bay SOMETIMES.  Yes the wings are bad assery in themselves and uh are Celestial tech.  Somewhere along the way he got a healing factor, recently he can travel at light speeds, and he can fire blasts out of his wings that can destroy spaceships … and can feed off of cosmic energy too.  The kicker for me though, is the being himself.  There’s arguably no greater threat than the unleashed Angel of Death.


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