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This will hopefully be a monthly piece where we’ve taken a look at the solicits and share what we’re excited about! This month (July) sees the solicits for books hitting the shelves in SEPTEMBER! Now, this isn’t the FULL list of stuff that intrigues us but these are books that we WILL be adding to the pull list, continuing, and/or picking up.

Sweet Heart VOL 1 (Action Lab)

Horror done right. Excellent world building and a proper eerie presentation. Monsters are real and people know it. A truly unique plot in a genre where people try too hard to make something old, new again.Horror done right.

(w) Dillon Gilbertson (a) Francesco Iaquinta (c) Marco Pagnotta (l) Saida Temofonte

Lonely Receiver #1 (Aftershock) A horror take on the break up story. Toss in the sci-fi element and there’s a recipe for what could be an absolutely terrifying take on the break up. Social commentary as well as half of the couple is AI (analogues to our phones).

(w) Zac Thompson (a/c) Jen Hickman (l) Simon Bowland

We Only Find Them When They’re Dead #1 (Boom) The bodies of dead Gods sustain the human race. A live God has never been seen but one ship captain wants to break free of the system. What waits is a threat like none ever faced before.

(w) Al Ewing (a) Simone Di Meo

Cyber Punk 2077: Trauma Team #1 (Dark Horse) Based on the highly anticipated upcoming video game, Trauma Team will focus on the sole survivor of a failed rescue mission. Agreeing to continue work on a new mission more danger and threats await.

(w) Cullen Bunn (a) Miguel Valderrama (c) Jason Wordie (l) Frank Cvetkovic

Dry Foot #1 (Mad Cave) Coming of age tale set in 1980’s Miami? Yes please. Desperate to escape the drugs and violence of the city four teens plane to nab cash from the most dangerous gang in order to do so.

(w) Jarred Lujan (a) Orlando Caicedo (c) Warnia Sahadewa (l) Justin Birch

The Autumnal #1 (Vault) Small town folk terror. Heading to the tiny Comfort Notch, New Hampshire are a mother and daughter try to escape the difficult life they’d known in Chicago. The newest entry in the Nightfall line appears to be appropriately haunting.

(w) Daniel Kraus (a) Chris Shehan (c) Jason Wordie (l) Jim Campbell


Coffin Bound #6 Rogue Planet #5 (Oni) Shadow Roads #10 (Oni) Bleed them Dry #3 (Vault) Engineward #3 (Vault) Finger Guns #5 (Vault) Money Shot #8 (Vault) No One’s Rose #5 (Vault) Plot #7 (Vault) Shadow Service #2 (Vault) Vampire Masquerade #2 (Vault) Amazing Spider-Man #49 (Marvel) Batman the Adventures Continue #4 (DC) Legion of Superheroes #9 (DC)


Dept of Truth #1 (Image) Inkblot #1 (Image) Stargazer #1 (Mad Cave) Ultraman #1 (Marvel) Heavy #1 (Vault)

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