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Category Zero #3

Story/Letters – Adem Kiamil Art – Ton Lima Colors – Derek Dow

Issue #1Issue #2

Reeling from the incident from issue #1 and subsequent “release” that occurred in issue #2, the world of Category Zero is getting very dark very quickly. The opening of the issue see Sanaxus doing a clean up and an exec already pushing the pedal to the floorboard of overreaction. The conversation sets up scenes towards the end of the book that reveal more of the truth behind Sanaxus and the facilities and testing they’re doing.

Issue three is fast paced and gives us a couple of looks into the negative and potentially fatal effects that fear mongering can have. One instance we are given is a depiction of ignorance combining with hatred in a common domestic scenario that leads to that potentially fatal outcome. It is a subtle word to how we, as people, use bigger situations to justify our feelings. In this case an uneasy relationship between a step-father and step-son winds up with the “afflicted” individual in a pool of his own blood after having Sanaxus called on him. I love the point blank usage of a common family unit with its own set of challenges. These types of homes have their own fracture lines and walk their own delicate paths. Any straw could break the back of it but a scenario like this? All to easy to have it come crashing down. All too ready to seek a remedy for themselves, a phone call is placed in ignorance. That is all that was needed to see someone on the wrong end of a bullet.

There is also those on the run from Eden. With the “release” causing all the guards to drop dead some decided to get out. More metaphorical story telling here adds to the takeaway that the book gives us. On the run from Eden a group finds a “place for the night” in a run down, abandoned apartment. With the tone set from the executive in the first scenes of the issue it is hard not to feel as though these people are seen as fleeing rats. They’re hunted as such. While we do get a brief glimpse at some powers the whole encounter reminds us of the overarching theme. Bad things happen when fear is in control. Two [one by circumstance, one by choice] in the group are captured by Sanaxus after trying to flee the building and get away from the pursuing militarized personnel. Yes, the Sanaxus agents that show up in this issue are full on urban combatant in their dress and equipment. That is a fitting look given the truths we start to learn.

Sanaxus has taken over the OMEGA facility. It used to be the second largest military base in the country. It is now the largest facility for “research” into the STRIX virus. Now people are being treated like they are afflicted and somehow not people anymore. Clothing and belongings are taken and they are treated in a cold and callous manner. There is no longer any question as to how they are viewed as a verbal stripping of who they are accompanies the physical removal of their identities. The final image of the issue alludes to even more truths. Truths that are hellish in nature.

Out this NCBD JULY 31st!


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