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Beastlands #1


Overall the book looks excellent. This is easily one of the best looking self published efforts I’ve seen. One of the best aspects of the art is that it fits the story and atmosphere extremely well. There are subtle changes in tone and color throughout that truly enhance the book. I love the look and feel of the design choices for the humans and the Keepers alike. More so than that, the purpose and thoughtful decision making that has gone into the driving aspects of the characters shines through. I was surprised at just how much this book felt like it had a major publisher logo slapped on the front of it. There are elements and clear indications of a much bigger world at play. It’s hard to balance the minutia while also providing the larger context and Beastlands manages to hit on both. I do feel that some of the smaller scale (not read less important) aspects suffered a bit due to the effort put into the bigger aspects. It is a first issue and a brand new world, idea, narrative, etc. It has quite a bit too do in order to nab the reader and make them want to come back for more. For my money it absolutely does do that even with some (expected) hiccups. Overall there is much more to like and draw you in with this book than there is to bother you. Simply put, I liked the book. There’s definitely quite a bit of story to tell and plenty more in depth takes on our characters to explore. This book is clearly just getting going and I would certainly like to see where this goes. Head over to Kickstarter and see for yourself and back the campaign: Beastlands on KS Follow Curtis on Twitter


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