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In the last few years we’ve seen a slew of new indie publishers enter the comic realm. With attention spans lasting less than a second and the speculation sector once again trying to crash the whole damn party, Ahoy Comics has quickly made a name for itself by doing something so outlandish that it worked. They put out good comics. Yes, I know. Crazy concept yeah? Well they dared to do it and have excelled thus far. Admittedly there’s a fresh approach employed by Ahoy that … well, borrows directly from comic’s past! That’s right folks. Ahoy has masterfully crafted a comic book for today by amalgating so much of what we loved about comics from yesterday and stuffing it between the covers along with fantastic stories of their own. You will be quite hard pressed to NOT find a title that suites you under their banner. Below I highlight some of my favorites from their lineup:

WRONG EARTH Dragonfly & Dragonfly Man

A perfect showcase for what Ahoy is doing is this series right here. A throwback to the caped crusading do-gooders of yesteryear, this book landed on our favorites of 2019 list. The first two volumes are phenomenal. It illustrates the combination of today and yesterday quite strikingly by essentially telling a shared story of Adam West era Batman and the Jon Bernthal Punisher character being the same character but from different worlds. Yes, there’s classic campy caped crusading alongside vigilante justice dealing all made possible with a little sci-fi/magic chicanery. In short, it has it all. Thankfully we’re scheduled for a third installment come January 2021.


Cats. Cats rule the roost and it is the most gloriously hilarious book on shelves in some time. Rather than just paint humans as cats in a cheap sci-fi set up, this book gives us actual cats and it is brilliant. Soaring the starways in their ship, the feline brigade led by the titular character is searching for other evolved felines. Between the infighting, dirty litter boxes, and killing of mice the efforts to herd this band of felines are serious in nature even though hilarity ensues. The double nature of this book hits perfectly on both tones. It’s comedy gold as well as an excellent sci-fi epic. The cats are trying to figure things out before their resources run out. A race against time … potentially derailed by a hairball. What more could you want?


Ever wondered how BIFF from BTTF would do in today’s Nerd ruled world? Welp, we’ve got a pretty good view of things in this book. An accidental cryogenic freezing of three typical 80s jock head types lands them in 2019 upon their unfreezing. Everything they know is upside down and backwards. There’s plenty of the expected tropes but also a good story underlining the nostalgic/present day mash up of geekdom. There’s a harsh reality that slaps the biggest biff of the bunch square on the nose too. It’s loads of fun and very well done. A yesteryear romp courtesy of today’s flipped coin.

These three are just the tip of the iceberg at Ahoy. My personal favorites of the bunch thus far certainly don’t encompass all that they’re offering for comic readers. Perhaps the most well done book overall, Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Terror perfectly encapsulates what Ahoy is capable of as a publisher. Dead, drunk, and alone the famed author has been sized down to merely introducing horror stories in this anthology. This is an ode of sorts to both Tales from the Crypt type mags of the golden age as well as the crass adult humor mags like Mad and Cracked … a dash of Drunk History seems to be in there too. Meanwhile Penultiman takes the harshness that life deals folks and tosses it on a Superman type. Truly out of place he’s caught between where man wants to go and being ahead of where he is. Rather than fall into attempt #1000 at being an archetype book, it brings forward an excellent tale about the battle of feeling deserved and deserving of.

Take a gander for yourself here folks: https://comicsahoy.com/series Ahoy Comics has brought some masterful books to the shelves and show no signs of slowing down. Thoughtful and innovative, their new but old but new approach to comics is delightfully fresh. You’ll certainly recognize plenty of the creators and I highly doubt you won’t find more than one book you like. While satirical and tongue in cheek, they’re not afraid to tackle issues head on (Second Coming – Billionaire Island – Happy Hour). I highly urge you to check out Ahoy folks.

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