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Advanced Review – WASTED SPACE #2

A huge thanks to Michael Moreci for allowing me to read over this puppy prior to release this coming NCBD! Arguably the hottest new series out there, Wasted Space shot into space with issue #1 and had people scrambling to get their mitts on it. I hope they did and I hope they added it to their pull list because the follow up is fan-freaking-tastic. I’m not going to give anything away directly as I’m not going to do that when I was so graciously given the opportunity to read the issue in advance of release. I’m also not going to take the satisfaction of this issue taken from you ahead of time.

I will tell you that you’ll love this just as much as you did the first issue. We get DEPTH to our cast and the absolutely jacked up universe/galaxy that they’re in. Early in the count Moreci throws a curveball and let’s you know that anticipating the pitch isn’t a good idea. While we were brought to the edge of our seat with the debut issue, now we’re on our toes. The second issue sets us up for a hell of a romp that will undoubtedly reveal much more and remind us several more times not to assume where we’re headed. The personal depth in this issue mirrors the expansive set that the entire comic was given in the first issue. That is still felt here as we’re given a glimpse at just how grand of a scheme this whole thing has.

Wasted Space #2 doesn’t pull punches and doesn’t fluff. There’s no BS and given what we were told at launch, it’s refreshing to have a book deliver what it says it is. Too often the hype and the pomp/circumstance are nothing but grand standing and posturing. Not here. This is almost like a slow rise, steadily increasing tempo soundtrack where it is clear that you’re going to end up somewhere grandiose. Each round adds another layer and builds while the first tones still have distinct and significant strikes. Think “Last of the Mohicans” the 6-7 minutes of the movie just before the end scene where that easy pitched pull of the strings builds upon each restarting until you’re overflowing with the symphony and your heart is beating double time. Yeah, this is looking at playing out like that …

… and we’re only on the second bar. Strap in folks.

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