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As we continue on with physical distancing and living in a comic book/movie world for the time being, here’s some more help that comic creators and publishers are sending out:

Erick Palicki

Erick Palicki

Here’s a thing: I’m an editor whose work has been featured in the New York Times and nominated for a Ringo Award. If you’re a writer who has a script ready, up to 24 pages, I’ll review it and hop on Skype or Zoom with you to discuss it. $30, donated to the LCS of your choice.

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Retailer Relief Program

Source Point Press is doing their part to help out your LCS! At checkout you can specify your local comic store, and they’ll receive 25% of the sale!

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Free Books for LCS Support

Buy a gift card to your LCS and fill out proof. Await email with HUNDRED WOLVES #1 HEAVY #1 For free! In advance!

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“Looking for some FREE comic books to read? I posted the entire first trade paperback of HELHEIM (and a bunch of other comics) for you! If you like Vikings and HORROR, this series is for you!”



For FREE Digital Dark Horse!


Valiant is offer up FREE books! Thread is updated regularly!

Now's a great time to support your local comic shop by trying comics that are New To You. But how can you know what awesome comics you missed?? Here's an idea: EVERY BLACK MASK #1 is FREE TO READ right now! Find a New-To-You comic to fall in love with here https://t.co/XR5J6u6tM3 pic.twitter.com/F8c4fwRsEO — Black Mask Studios (@blackmaskstudio) April 3, 2020

On top of giving 50% to an LCS of your choice you can read EVERY #1 for free!

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