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One THOUSAND of y’all! Hot damn. Huge thanks to all of you that have come into our corner of the comic book community. It’s been a fantastic ride thus far and we’re looking forward to where things go from here. To thank y’all we’ve cooked up a pretty damn special giveaway! We’ve taken some creator funded/published goodies from our FAVORITE BOOKS OF 2019 to share with a lucky one of you! Unfortunately this has to be limited to US followers only. Normal shipping outside of the US has become insane, let alone for a package of this size. HOWEVER we want to do SOMETHING for you international followers! So, we’ve decided that we will also select someone from outside of the US to work with to get 25$ worth of books, a gift card, or SOMETHING (we’ll figure it out). RULES FOR THE GIVEAWAY: 1 – Respond to the Twitter post on @drivingcreators with your favorite published & creator published book 2 – Share this post through the social share icons at the bottom of the post and tag us 3 – State if you’re in the US or International in your sharing of this post Yes we will check if you’ve done both 1 and 2.

THE BOOKS: Some signed, some extras, and likely another book or two will be in the final package!


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